JesusIn recent morning devotion the theme was about the amazing love God has for us and that he had such a strong desire and yearning for a deeper and intimate relationship with us that He actually came down to earth to walk among us, to have verbal face-to-face conversations with us, and to identify with us!

Of further amazement is that, although He certainly understands the concepts, because he created all of them, He actually came down to our level, in our circumstances, and allowed Himself through Jesus Christ, to feel physical hunger, sadness, happiness, to feel what a hug and a handshake looked like, what it is to feel cold, to be overheated, to thirst, to cry tears, to be shunned and ridiculed, to be treated unkindly, to be tempted and to feel physical pain and suffer a tremendously painful death. It was interesting how the author reminded me that until Jesus came along, God appeared in burning bushes, pillars of fire, traveling clouds, by angels and messengers, maybe other animals, by thoughts within us so clear and different from ours we knew were not our own and, at times by verbal words from the sky, a cloud or the heavens in general.  BurningbushPillarHe watched us struggle in our sin and waiver at times in our faith and saw it was impossible for us to be holy on our own. So being a God of order and of justice and equity, and most of all “love,” He made a plan to come down to earth, not only to pay the price for all of our sins and wipe the slate clean so we may have eternal life, but to become closer to us and help us to get closer to Him by presenting Himself in an image we could identify with and relate to more easily. That is how much he loves us!cloud

God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are three-in-one and although Jesus is God, He is also of God, as clearly He was praying to His father when on earth. It can be confusing at times, I know, and many pastors admit the trinity is a challenge. It is okay if we struggle with totally understanding it, as there is simply no way we can truly understand God in all of his omnipotence. He knows that. But someone explained it to me once in a simplistic way that made sense using water as the medium. Water can be liquid. Water can be steam and vapor. Water can be solid when frozen. Three different extensions of one element, yet they are all water. So I think of God as the solid water (did the water or the ice come first, chicken or egg, etc.), Jesus as the living water, and the Holy Spirit as the vapor. Pretty cool huh? It is hardly “the” explanation, but I just found it helped me with the trinity concept; maybe it will help you too. Okay, now moving on.


It makes sense what God did, coming to earth, and what a testament of His love and desire to know us more! Think of when our children were small, or even if you don’t have children, someone else’s child, or a niece, or nephew, or someone you provide daycare to. What do we do when we want to identify with them more? We get down on the floor and come to their level. We sometimes speak in simpler phrases and, much to our embarrassment at times, talk baby talk. Sometimes we even put a silly hat on or draw a mustache on ourselves. Or draw a face on our thumb and put a Kleenex around it and sing Thumbelina. (Or maybe it is just me that does that, ha ha.)

While Jesus certainly didn’t speak to us in baby talk, His communication to us probably was a type of baby talk in contrast to the intellectual communication He is capable of and likely more accustomed to speaking with His trinity counterparts in the heavenly realm. In fact, the parables may even be thought of as a sort of “baby talk” for us to understand some things on a more basic level. I’m just sayin..

But the “takeaway” I got from that morning devotion was just being reminded of HOW MUCH GOD LOVES US and HOW MUCH HE WANTS A RELATIONSHIP WITH US, and the depths and extent to what He will go to, in order to achieve that. A precious part of Him left the safe haven of the heavenly realm to come down to Earth and hang in close proximity with us for 33 years.

A relationship is obviously a two-way street. What are WE going to do to cultivate that relationship? Think about that friendship that you have where you feel you are always the one initiating the emails, phone calls, and texts; where you are always the one suggesting plans, sending the “thinking of you” cards and holiday cards. Think of how, while despite that, you continue to love that friend and care about them very much, you at times cannot help but find yourself feeling undervalued by them, questioning just how much they love you or even care if you are in their life, and, at times, feel even a bit “used” by them. You question if they would really be there if you needed them and if they would care if you got hit by a train. Well, God has feelings too. He invented them after all. Look at the lengths of what He went to for us. What are we willing to do to show Him we want a relationship with Him and to know Him?

The greatest thing we can do, I think, is to honor Him by reading HisimagesWP41000Y holy scripture, and by spending time with Him each and every day through prayer and devotion, seeking a closer bond and relationship, seeking his wisdom and guidance, trying to be obedient to the values he has taught us through the Apostles and the commands passed onto us from Jesus and the disciples, and praising Him for all that He gives us and IS to us. For me, He is peace and He is joy. He is my God and my King.. Each morning I say, “Good morning father! Thank you for another day of life.”  word

He came down to our level to give us a better glimpse of Himself through Jesus Christ, and to pay the ultimate price so we may forever live with him in eternity. Wow. How can we not want to cultivate that? I certainly do. So each and every day, sinner that I am, I strive to get closer to Him and He shows me He is there and He is listening and He is loving. He is the ultimate father and at times, I have felt some discipline, and the sting of consequences, but it is all for my own good and I am grateful for it. Once you feel that true connection with God, there is no turning back. It is an indescribable experience I hope more and more people get to encounter each and every day! God bless you.