prayerCrossThis past weekend, I attended a group baptism event in Roseville, Minnesota at the University of Northwestern Campus, on the shore of Lake Johanna sponsored by Eagle Brook Church (EBC) on Sunday. I am a member of EBC and two members of the small women’s group I lead, and one of their daughters, among about 960 others, were being baptized that day. I wanted to be there to join in the celebration, shake my glittery pom-poms (yes, I had them) and support their decision to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives! Plus it was just such an awesome day to be outside and be with people! So definitely a “win-win!”

rejoiceWe were blessed with an absolutely GLORIOUS day! It was hot, but thank the Lord we had an incredible breeze that kept us from overheating. Eagle Brook volunteers did an outstanding job putting the event together as they always do. It is a chance to see how great Heaven on earth will be one day with all of us getting along and working together harmoniously.

Jesus feet

The preceding day, a bunch of us showed up early morning at the property to rake the grounds and clear out rocks from the shore where folks would be walking in to get dunked. It was also a beautiful day! Our small team got it all cleaned up in just about two hours! Now that’s teamwork!

Jesus writing

So once at the lake on Sunday, I learned one gal in my group was going to get baptized by herself, so I decided to get rebaptized beside her that day arm in arm! It was awesome and the water very refreshing! We were baptized by our campus and volunteer pastors who we know so it was very special. I was assured I could do it again — no rules about just once, ha ha. We can cabaptismmeandangdunkll it my “reaffirming” act of obedience and faith, ha ha! Truth be known I wanted a picture from my baptism and did not get one in 2013, so it was great to be able to capture the moment this time. Here is a pic of me and my friend under the water, our two pastors holding onto us!

Everyone on the property was excited, joyful, cheerful, loving and welcoming to all! Many of our fellow volunteers and group members were waiting for us on the shore, along with other EBC volunteers, to hug us and give us high fives all the way back to the grass. What an invigorating and uplifting day – praise God!

It was just an amazing day — and such a joy to watch all the folks smiling and excited, some with tears streaming down their faces as they took the step of obedience and got baptized in the name of Jesus Christ acknowledging their acceptance of Him as their savior and Lord of their lives. I know for me, the day I got baptized as an adult in July of 2013, something absolutely amazing and magical happened. I will never be the same. There’s no turning back, and, I am happy to proclaim, I never want to! I’m all in.

Then…as I drove home, I thought about all the wonderful new friends I have made at Eagle Brook Church in the past four years since I have been attending Eagle Brook Church. I thought wow, this is like having a HUGE family! Being a regular volunteer, then joining and eventually even leading a small women’s study group, and, most recently, joining the worship team, has been such an incredible blessing, allowing me to get to know so many new people, to grow spiritually, to deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ and to evolve further as a person as I aim to walk in obedience of Him as best I can. I am so grateful for His mercy and grace for those times I still fall, mess up, fail, behave or think badly, weaken and otherwise goof up in spite of good intentions.


I realized on the drive on the way back home that I DO have a much larger family now than I was born into. The love and support this provides is such a blessing! My life feels so full! I thought how this is not only my church family, but the exciting thing is – –  most of these folks are going to be my ETERNAL friends and family! Those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, folks I am working with, volunteering, singing, studying and getting baptized with, laughing and praising God with, are going to be with me in Heaven and on the New Earth, under the rule of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit FOREVER!


This realization really excited me! I don’t have to worry about any of these connections ending! Maybe temporarily in death, but that won’t last very long. Once resurrected, we literally will have “all the time in the world,” – only not in this current world, thank God, but rather, in the “new world” free from sin, oppression, hunger, violence, prejudice, guns, war, sadness, illness, and evil. God will be in charge and He deserves to be! We will have eternity to continue to develop those relationships and friendships, an endless amount of time to laugh, hug, cry, smile, relax, study, learn, evolve,  enjoy time, activities, events and worship our God!  How cool is that?